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AFrame Ephemeris

View the solar system from a geocentric orbit around you by date.

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AFrame DodecaDate

An experimental UI element using a dodecahedron for a date picker.

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360 Team Photo

Team photo made for DrupalCon L.A. with a few hidden easter eggs.

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Drupalize.Me branded video viewing experience in Virtual Reality.

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Gallery Navigation

Example UI to navigate and load a gallery of photo spheres

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Inside Lullabot

What's it look like to walk around inside of a 3D model of Lullabot?

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Jerad Bitner
by Jerad BitnerJan 3, 2018
VR Art: Tools & Examples

The tools we use, and examples of what artists are creating with them.

Jerad Bitner
by Marissa EpsteinDecember 6, 2017
VR for UX Designers: What I Learned During My First Project

Resources for designing user experiences for virtual reality. Marissa shares a high-level view of her design process during her first foray into VR.

Jerad Bitner
by Jerad BitnerJuly 20, 2017
11 Tools for VR Developers

Take a look at some of the tools and platforms which developers are currently using to build, display, and collaborate on virtual reality.

David Burns
by David BurnsMay 26, 2017
Introducing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to Mainstream Audiences

Google I/O 2017 Keynote revealed a number of updates related to Augmented and Virtual Reality. It solidified my belief that AR & VR are more than a fad or limited to the video game industry.

Jerad Bitner
by Jerad BitnerMarch 29, 2017
What is WebVR?

If you're wondering how far WebVR has come in the past few years, look no further.

Jerad Bitner
by Jerad BitnerMarch 15, 2017
A New Dimension for Designing the Web

There's a lot to contemplate when designing for the web. It's difficult. But what if you're suddenly asked to do it in three dimensions?

Jerad Bitner
by Jerad BitnerMarch 2, 2016
Who's Who in VR

A look at some of the big names in VR hardware.

Jerad Bitner
by Jerad BitnerJune 17, 2015
The Cutting Edge of the Web: VR

The Cutting Edge of the Web: VR